Important passages.

Eulice Washington Modifica

"In addition to being kin, Eulice found out that Larry King and Barbara Webb shared

more sinister bonds. Eulice claimed that she was at King’s home, watching

television, when King and Barbara Webb entered the room—King unlocked one of

the room’s cabinets and handed Barbara Webb a number of videotape cassettes,

which she slipped into a large handbag. Shortly afterward, the Webbs were out on

the town and they forgot to lock their bedroom door. According to Eulice, she and

the other children found the videotapes and popped them into the Webbs’ VCR—

one of the tapes explicitly showed “teenagers” engaged in sex. The children also

discovered pornographic pictures tucked away in the Webbs’ dresser." [page 58]

"Unfortunately, the Webb children would find out that even their school wasn’t a

safe refuge, because the Webbs cultivated friendships with some of the school

district’s administrators—Tracy said they periodically visited the Webb home and

Barbara often dropped by the kids’ school to talk with them." [page 58]

"As Eulice grew more and more comfortable with Sorenson, she tentatively asserted

that the Webbs’ powerful cousin, Larry King, had flown her and other children, via

a charter plane, to Chicago in the fall of 1984 and to New York in the spring of

1985. Eulice said that King forced her to wear negligees and attend orgies. She told

Sorenson that Boys Town students were on the flights, and she recognized a

nationally prominent politician, who procured a kid at the orgy in Chicago and

quickly slipped out." [page 68]

Shawneta Moore, page 70 Modifica

Omaha Girls Club. Friend with Washington sisters.

She confessed partaking the ring. Tried to get out. Mother raped as reprisal.

Suicidal little girl. Ray. The Joint. The Parties. All the horror.

Chief Wadman covers up for King, 77.

Carmean and Hoch, 88 Modifica

investigating secretly, hiding the investigation from chief Wadman.

Rusty Nelson, 83.

Franklin Credit Union Scandal Timeline, page 477 Modifica

Index of Documents and Documents, page 484 Modifica